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How To Repair The Threshold Carpet In Door Way

pet tore carpet in doorway

DIY Carpet Repair For Pet Damage

At KD Carpet Cleaning, we frequently encounter a common repair issue: pets damaging carpets at door thresholds. This is particularly prevalent with cats, especially when they are trying to access a room with a closed door. Fortunately, this type of carpet repair is relatively straightforward. With the right tools and some experience, it can usually be completed in about 10 minutes.

Carpet Repair Tools Needed For The Repair

Here are some of the tools we use within our company, along with some more affordable alternatives that you can purchase for your project.

  • Roberts Carpet Knife
  • Crain Carpet Straight Edge
  • Crain Carpet Tractor
  • Crain Knee Kicker
  • Kool Glide Seam Iron
  • Kool Glide Seam Tape
  • Crain High Temp Glue Gun

Here are some cheaper tools you can use.

  •  Carpenter L Framing Steel Square 8 inch x 12 inch
  • Crain/Gundlach 436 Straight Axle Roller
  • CHICAGO ELECTRIC POWER TOOLS Heat Bond Carpet Seaming Iron
  • Merit Pro MP-50A 4″ Premium Seam Tape

Remove the damaged area

Place your straight edge across the area you need to remove, ensuring you go at least thre inches beyond the damaged section. Cut a straight line from wall to wall, making sure to slice through the carpet completely in one pass.cutting out damaged carpet

Add your seam tape and prep your repair area

Now that you have removed the damaged section, ensure that all fibers and loose debris are cleared from your work area. Check that the carpet padding is intact and properly positioned. This is an ideal time to place your seam tape, ensuring that the cut is directly centered over the tape.

We had to replace a piece of tac strip on this project.
securing seam tape to repair carpet

Cut your replacement piece and test-fit it

One of the easiest methods is to take the damaged piece and lay it over the new piece of carpet. Ensure that you cut it larger than the damaged piece. After making the cut, test fit the new piece into place to confirm its size and fit.test fit new piece of carpet for repair

Time to seam your pieces together

Grab your seam iron and ensure it’s hot and ready. I recommend using a heat setting of around 3. Begin at one end and work towards the other. Place your seam iron directly on the tape, and position the two carpet pieces over the iron. Allow the iron to melt the glue for 30 seconds to a minute, then move the iron exactly its own length across the tape. While the iron is heating the next section, join the pieces together and lay them on the glue, making sure there are no gaps and the edges of the pieces are aligned end to end.seam carpet together with seam iron

Stretch carpet into place

Ensure that you stretch the carpet over the tack strip to secure it in place, preventing it from moving. At this time, you can also trim off any excess carpet. Cut the carpet so that it extends just past the tile, approximately 1/16th of an inch or slightly less.stretch carpet onto tach strip

Tuc the carpet into place

Use your stair tool or a speed square to tuck the edge of the carpet down into the tile. Additionally, you can apply a bead of glue across the edge of the tack strip to ensure the carpet remains securely in place.tuck carpet into place

Sit Back and admire your work

your project is almost complete, all you have to do is clean up the areas run a vacuum clean over the carpet and admire the work you just finished.carpet threshold fully repaired

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